What We Do

The Information Architecture Gateway (IAG) is a Science Gateway, a community-developed set of tools, applications, and data collections that are integrated through a portal or a suite of applications. IAG is a member of the Science Gateway Community Institute.

Science gateways provide access to a variety of capabilities including workflows, visualization, resource discovery, and job execution services for science and technology organizations.

IAG will offer a set of Information Architecture library and research tools that we bring together from different disciplines within IA to serve other ecosystems and to help them learn and discover IA in their own ecosystems.

Think of the IA Gateway as a portal that helps to connect, search, find, and use tools for IA, libraries, associations, universities, researchers, individuals, etc. from various sectors.

Resource Library

The IA Library is the “backbone” of the system and will include the following content areas:

  • History of IA
  • IA Research
  • IA Methodologies
  • IA Visualizations
  • IA Simulations
  • IA Trainings
  • IA Ontologies
  • IA Taxonomies
  • IA Glossaries
  • IA Translations
  • IA Tools
  • Other IA Artifacts

Knowledge Sub-Domains

  • IA of Communications
  • IA of Language
  • IA of Learning
  • IA of Knowledge
  • Social IA
  • Professional Associations


  • IA of Security
  • IA of Privacy
  • IA of Accessibility
  • IA of Resilience
  • IA of Identity

Collaboration Model

Multidisciplinary and cross-sector users including: 

  • professional associations
  • universities
  • R&D organizations
  • large and small business organizations
  • individuals

Collaboration agreements will be modeled for type of entities, and negotiated based on value propositions, benefits, collaborations, and partner activities.